DTI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering technology users to transfer data from one service to another.

DTI builds on and extends the past years of work on the Data Transfer Project (DTP). Three contributors — Apple, Meta, and Google — came together to support the creation of DTI to continue and expand the work of bringing data portability to all.


DTI policy staff are following or engaged in many active areas of policy across the EU, USA, and other jurisdictions.


DTI technical staff analyze solutions and risks and share that analysis via our newsletter and other forums, including directly with policy-makers.

DTI Partners

DTI’s ancestor, the Data Transfer Project, was created in 2018 as an industry collaboration with a mission of enabling users to complete simple, fast, and secure data transfers directly between services. Since its creation, the project has built an open source technology framework that powers direct data transfer features within Google Takeout, Facebook’s Transfer your Information, and Apple’s Data and Privacy page, as well as software libraries that connect to over a dozen additional services.

DTI partners help translate principle to practice, catalyzing greater user agency and empowerment by committing dedicated policy and engineering resources to the promotion of data portability.

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